4 Proven Acne Scar Removal Techniques

There are different types of treatments available for acne scar removal. Some are home remedies and will cost very little while others can be costly. It will depend on your budget needs and whether you want to find something that is quick and effective or more of a long term treatment. Here are a few of the different types of treatments for removing acne scars.

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1) Home Remedies for Exfoliation

Exfoliation is one of the most beneficial ways to remove scars from acne. It’s cheap and easy to do. There are products premade for exfoliating the skin, whether you want something for the body or the face, which is more sensitive. You can also make your own products out of things in your kitchen, including lemons, sugar and baking soda.

Home remedies are excellent since you can actually use them (and sometimes make them) at home. Many other acne scar removal treatments involve you having to go to a clinic, where you have to take time out of your day on a regular basis. It can really start to wear your down.

However, home remedies can take longer to work and it can be a trial and error process to find something that works for you. Click here for a few simple suggestions about removing acne scars from the face with easy to acquire household products.


2) Scar Removal Creams and Lotions

Many manufacturers have developed creams and locations that are perfect for removing and reducing scars. They are beneficial for many people who have tried home remedies and haven’t found any benefit or have the extra money to trial a few of the products. The problem is that they don’t work for everyone.

Home remedies offer hypo-allergenic options. This is much harder with lotions and creams. The manufacturers have to use a variety of chemicals to get the desired results and this can lead to rashes, pimples and other problems. It is important to check the ingredients before purchasing to determine if there is anything that could react negatively on your skin.

The good news is that some acne scar removal creams are effective. There are many people who have had excellent results with them, which is why they are so popular. They are also much cheaper than many of the other treatments for scar reducing and removal.

One particular product that has a great reputation (and won’t break your bank) is Dermefface FX7 from Skinception.

Acne scar removal methodsDermefface FX7 is a scar treatment that works across all scar types including acne scars. And it is endorsed by Doctors (and by celebrities) giving it credibility.

And it has some powerful customer testimonials – one very powerful example coming from Lisa D’Amoto, an actress and fashion model who was very badly scarred on the face as a result of an accident.

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Applied daily, scars will start to heal immediately. Though depending upon the severity, complete recovery will generally take about three months. A three month supply will cost just under $130, though in extreme cases a longer course of six months will set you back just under $200. Also, at the time of writing online purchases are being given free goodies. For more information see the site below.

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3) Micro-dermabrasion at Specialist Clinics

Micro-dermabrasion is becoming one of the most popular forms of treatments for the removal of acne scars. While it is more expensive than home remedies, it is much cheaper than many other clinical options. It is similar to exfoliation and is completely painless but it has to be completed by a qualified professional. This is why it is often expensive.

You will need to go for a few visits to see results at first but it won’t take as long as some home remedies. It is also possible to get advice from the professional about how to prevent scars from forming and caring for your skin in the future. This is well-worth the money that you will spend on the treatment.

It’s not guaranteed to work though. It depends on your skin type and how well you look after it—and your health—after the treatment. It can feel like money wasted afterwards.


4) Laser Treatment for Scar Removal

Laser treatment is still one of the first things that many people think of when it comes to acne scar removal. It is because it is so effective and quicker than many other forms of treatment. The downside is the cost!

It is expensive to go through the laser treatment, which is something you need to think about. You will need a set amount of treatments but it is permanent and the most guaranteed option. This could be worth the cost—it may cost more for home remedies and acne creams in the long term!

This isn’t suitable for all though. Those with sensitive skin or low pain thresholds may find that the treatment is too painful. It can leave red, burning marks afterwards. It is a laser, after all! Those with fair skin may find something similar to sunburn, although not as health problematic.

You will need to think about your budget when choosing an acne scar removal treatment. It is also important to do your research and find one that is most effective for you.


In Conclusion the Ideal Acne Scar Removal Method is…

So there you have it – a range of options for dealing with acne scars. At a personal level, my preference has got to be a procedure that is safe, effective and ideally not so expensive. which basically leads me to Dermefface FX7 from Skinception. I trust that whichever path you follow works out well for you.