Acne Scar Remedies That Truly Work

Acne is believed to be caused mainly due to increased production of oil in the sebaceous glands that are present in the skin. But there are other causes similar to hormonal changes that occur in relation to hormonal imbalance like for instance puberty and pregnancy.

Whatever the causative factor is acne if left untreated, leaves behind scars which can become unsightly and ugly to look at. This is why acne scar remedies are sought after by many people. If you are a victim of scarring and you are looking for such a treatment then check out this natural scar treatment from Skinception.

How is Acne Scar Formed?

Acne is formed due to clogging of the pores in the skin with oil secretion, dust and dirt. Acne scars are formed when a lesion is inflamed as in a pustule, papule or cyst. The clogged pore gets infected with bacteria, increases in size and breaks the wall of the pore.

If this happens in the superficial skin layer then the lesion is healed easily without scar formation. But a more intense break in the wall of the pore leads to leakage of infected particles into the dermis layer and destroys the tissue present. This results in two types of scar formation.

1. Keloid scaring or Hypertrophic scars: This type of scar is formed as a result of excess collagen secretion during the healing of the scar.

2. Depressed scars or atrophic scars: This type of scarring occurs due to loss of tissue and decreased production of collagen during the healing process.

Frequently the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH, as it is termed, is often mistaken for acne scar but it heals in a short period of time and with the aid of certain medications.

Using Effective Acne Scar Remedies

Treating acne scars should be approached in a systematic and well planned manner. The various acne scar treatments can be divided into

• Treatment of acne scars in the beginning stage

• Treatment of well- developed acne scars

The treatment modules differ for each type. While the first one needs only a short term remedy, the second form needs a more disciplined approach to remove the scarring completely.

Treatment of Acne Scars in the Beginning Stage

For acne scar formation that is in the beginning stage, you can follow the treatment options enumerated below

• The initial inflamed part of the scar responds well to cortisone cream. Take care to use a cream that doesn’t block the pores.

• Creams like arbutin and kojic acid help in lightening the skin pigmentation thereby diminishing the blemish caused by the scar.

• Healing medications like retinoids, Vitamin C, BHAs and AHAs are also effective.

• Lemon juice applied over the blemish also serves to lighten the skin and promotes healing.

Treatment Method for Well -developed Acne Scars

For pimple scarring that is well developed, consulting a doctor is the best option. Treatments like dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, scar laser treatment and chemical peels should be done under supervision of a medical professional for a safe and better removal of the scars. Especially the chemical peels should be done only after it is approved by a doctor.

Using Dermefface FX7 for Acne Scar Remedy

Acne scar remedy

Dermefface FX7 is clinically proven product that is highly effective in treating scars formed due to acne, burns etc.

It is made up of 7 clinically tested active ingredients, 5 enhanced moisturizers and 10 powerful antioxidants.

All the components act together on the skin and help the scars to disappear by:

• Remodeling of the skin which promotes faster healing.

• Precipitating the scar cells to the surface so that they can be removed easily

• Producing new cells to replace the scarred ones.

With the enhanced and potent formula, remedy of acne scars can be done in a short span of time as low as four weeks’ time.

The power packed ingredients in Dermefface FX7 help in regulating the collagen generation in the skin including the type III collagen which is for healing and the type I collagen which is for boosting the strength of the skin. The scarred cells are soon replaced by new cells and normal skin is formed within a few weeks.

You can see the results within 30 days itself. But for a permanent and long lasting effect using the product for 90 days is recommended.

Acne scar remedies have to be chosen with care and employed judiciously to get an improved result. Whatever form of acne scar remedy you use, take care to consult with your doctor before proceeding further.

Choosing products that have no side effects and produce the desired result in a short period of time is a good way to effectively tackle the acne scars.

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More about Dermefface FX7

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