Acne Scar Treatment Review

There are a number of acne scar treatments, methods and techniques available that are effective when used as directed. However not all treatments, methods or techniques are cost effective and suitable for everyone’s wallet. Some treatments are costly, dangerous or surgical which come with risks all their own.

This acne scar treatment review focuses on a fairly new product to market called Dermefface FX7 from Skinception.

The company Skinception is a high end designer and maker of cutting edge Skin Care products of which Dermefface FX7 is one. They have a reputation for top notch products which are reasonably priced. You can read about the company here Skinception.

Back to the product itself, which has proven to be extremely effective and hence… very popular. Essentially it is a novel herbal cream that is administered to the acne scar region twice per day and taken ongoing until the scars have gone (generally 3 months, though could be longer depending on how severe the scarring is).

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Which Acne Scar Treatment to Go For ?

The acne scar treatment chosen will depend on economics and the type of scar to be treated. Some scars are raised and create bumps and others are depressed and are called ice pick scars or skin potholes. Scars are the result of an infected pore that became clogged with dirt, grime, grease and oils or an acne pimple that was left untreated. Infection damages skin and as the skin makes an attempt to repair itself the tissue generated is more than necessary or less than necessary.

There are a variety of treatment methods that includes skin lightening, laser treatments, chemical peels, steroid injections, dermal fillers and punch excisions.  They all have their level of effectiveness and some can be painful.

Skin lightening products are usually effective when used on light to moderate scars.

Chemical peels remove the dermis layer and it not used as directed could burn the epidermis and subcutaneous layers.

Steroid injections can be painful and bring along risks related to the steroid itself.

Dermal fillers are, simply put, like spackling a wall with holes in it. Punch incisions are a surgical procedure where a cookie cutter type device is placed over an acne scar and the scar is removed. The incision is closed with a stitch and when the stitch is removed less than a week later, the incision is closed over.

Acne Scar Treatment Lotion

Dermefface fx7 to get rid of acne scars

Dermefface fx7 an extremely effective natural herbal acne scar treatment lotion.

The most effective and economical method of acne scar treatment is probably Dermefface FX7.

It is a skin cream that is easy to apply and it addresses the issue of scarring as the result of acne.

The cream contains moisturizer to help keep the skin soft, supple and healthy.

It contains the necessary nutrients to effectively remove the acne scar tissue and replace it with healthy, beautiful skin.

The skin cream softens the scar tissue and flattens the raised skin, called hypertrophic, and fills in the scar depressions called atropic.

Dermefface FX7 repairs the damage skin and the area around the scar tissue that turns red.

The cream works to remove the damaged and dead skin in and around the scar area. Healthy new skin generates in place of the scar and with increased collagen, the scars appear to be erased from the skin.

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It will take a consistent program of Dermefface FX7 applications for the prescribed period of time to experience results. The actual results will depend on the skin condition and the severity of the acne, but results will begin to be noticeable after about 30 days of use.

Dermefface FX7 has no side effects and will do no further damage to the skin if the product is used as directed. Using more of the cream than directed or using the cream more often than directed will not result in more effective or quicker results. Keep in mind the Dermefface FX7 solution is not an overnight solution to a problem that took some time to manifest itself.

Dermefface FX7 contains moisturizers and proteins that are proven collagen stimulators and collagen is an important and essential ingredient in skin care of every type. There are additional ingredients that brighten and lighten skin without irritating the skin tissue of clogging the pores.

Those ingredients include extracts from Goji, Bilberry and Chokeberry plants and Vitamin B3, Niancinamide and Beta Gluten. Dermefface FX7 has no known or reported side effects, but it is important to check the ingredients closely to make sure the product does not contain anything that may cause an allergic reaction.

Dermefface FX7 has been clinically tested and found to be one of the most effective acne scar removal solution on the market. The cream, applied twice daily, works not just on the top layer of skin, but is absorbed into the top 3 layers of skin for the most effective scar removal process known to mankind.

Dermefface FX7 also works to rebuild damaged skin tissue as well as remove scar tissue. The result will be healthier and younger looking skin for anyone of any age who suffers the trauma of acne. The cream will not damage the skin, except if it is not applied and used as directed.

Dermefface FX7 can also be used under makeup and still be effective. The scar removal solution has been heralded by thousands of happy customers of all ages as they experience smoother skin, free from blemishes and scarring as a result of acne.

Guaranteed Results!


The product comes with a 97 day money return guarantee by using the product for at least 90 days and then returning the unused portion within the allotted time frame.

More about Dermefface FX7 the Best Acne Scar Treatment Available

Dermefface FX7 is possibly the best acne scar treatment available right now. Made by the top skin care designer & manufacturer – Skinception, it is backed by industry professionals and by cosmetic surgeons for the treatment of scars. It is available through Leading Edge Health (a partner of Skinception) – an online company famous for its range of cutting edge notch health enhancing products (see Natural Health Source).

You may order either online or by calling them. Online orders are enabled via secure high encryption security technology to ensure ultimate protection of your personal details.

All orders come with a 90 day money back guarantee. And to give the product a fair chance to fix your scarring you are recommended to give it at least three months – and ideally six months.

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