Get Rid of Acne Scars Permanently and Effortlessly

Acne scars can be quite a big embarrassment.  They are unsightly to look at and difficult to get rid of. But good news beckons with the launch of a new scar treatment product from Skinception called Dermefface FX7 – this lotion is proven to get rid of acne scars most effectively.

We’ll look more closely at it below, but suffice to say that it actively treats the scars, swabs them clean, moisturizes them and allows the actual skin to return to a near normal condition.

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Need for Efficient Scar Removal Solution

It is unfortunate that acne scarring can be a bit difficult to treat completely. Scars are produced when damage occurs to the dermal layer of the skin. This is the layer from which new cells are generated. When a wound occurs the healing mechanism synthesizes new fibers of collagen which repair the damaged tissue. This repair gives rise to the scar formation.

The scar thus formed can be both atrophic as well as hypertrophic in nature. Treating these scars and making them fade needs a well-developed product that penetrates deep into the dermal layer and acts efficiently. Dermefface FX7 is a meticulously formulated cream that helps to get rid of acne scars to a great extent. It thins the collagen layers in the scar tissue and helps in removal of acne scars.

About Dermefface FX7

This is a cream or serum that has been specially formulated for acting on scar tissues and healing them. Irrespective of the causative factor, the cream acts on the scar tissue and helps the skin in a short period of time. With regular application of the cream the scars continue to fade and gradually disappear completely. The cream or serum applied regularly will yield excellent results and remove scars at a fast pace and without any side effects.

Normally a scar formed from a wound takes about two years for healing properly. Applying the cream regularly will give you results within the first four weeks itself. For a more long standing and permanent clearing of scars applying the product for two to three months regularly will help.

Secret of Dermefface FX7

The magical effect of Dermefface FX7 is entirely because of the powerful blend of ingredients that include antioxidants and moisturizers in addition to the active components that accelerate the healing process and rids the skin of scars permanently.

There are nearly seven active ingredients, 5 moisturizing agents and 10 power packed antioxidants in the product. The ingredients are blended in such a way that they act powerfully on the scar tissue and penetrate deep into the skin layer and help to get rid of acne scars permanently.

Moreover the product is easy and comfortable to use. It is non-greasy in texture and gets absorbed by the scar tissue instantly.

Get rid of acne scars – the Function of Dermefface FX7

Dermefface FX7 is formulated in such an ideal manner that it facilitates faster healing of the scar tissues. This is done by initiating the phase IV skin remodeling action. The active ingredients and other components of the cream assist in precipitating the cells of the scar tissue to the skin surface from where they are effectively dealt with and removed. In addition to removing the scarred tissue, the product also aids in generating new cells that are completely normal.

The final result is a speedy recovery of the scar tissue, which is truly a stupendous feat. Using the product often will accelerate the healing and applying the cream twice a day will further boost the new cell formation helping you to get rid of acne scars in a short span of time.

Scar Types that Respond to Dermefface FX7

The amazing ingredients present in the product are effective on nearly all type of scars including scars formed due to burns, surgery and acne. Keloid scars that occur due to accidents and other injuries also respond well to the product. Chicken pox marks and incident scars too are easily got rid of by applying the cream regularly.

How Safe is Dermefface FX7

The power packed ingredients of the product are clinically tested and proven to be safe and effective. For those who question its effectiveness, the manufacturer has offered a money back option, if the desired outcome is not seen within a span of two months’ time.

Scar Healing Mechanism of Dermefface FX7

Once you start applying the cream daily, the ingredients start working on all layers of the skin namely dermis, epidermis and the subcutaneous layer. The ingredients initiate formation of new cells which is brought about by the boost in the synthesis of collagen tissue. Both Type I and Type III collagen cells are formed which help in replacing the scar tissue with new skin cells.

The scarred tissue is removed from the skin layer and replaced with newly formed skin cells. Though normal skin regeneration takes about 28 days, the process is faster with Dermefface FX7.

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Dermefface fx7 to get rid of scars

Duration of Time for Healing

Regular use of the product will start giving results within the first four weeks if the manufacturer’s guidelines are followed properly. In case of deep seated scars, the time taken for healing all the skin layers may be longer.

The manufacturers recommend a minimum of three months’ time to get rid of acne scars. For minor scars optimal results can be seen in three to four months, while for complex scars as in case of surgical scars or scars brought on by injury, duration of over six months is needed for complete healing.

Importantly – by using the product you can avoid treatment options like steroid injections and surgical removal which are painful and aggravating. This clinically proven product is highly beneficial in taking care of the scar area in the most ideal manner and is totally effective too making it a highly recommended product that delivers the results as promised.

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