Simple Tips to Remove Acne Scars from Your Face

Acne scars on the face are common for many people. They usually happen because someone has picked and scratched at the pimples, causing them to scab over and later scar. You may feel embarrassed by the marks, knowing that they’re a constantly reminder of the acne you battled.

The good news is that you can remove acne scars from your face. There are many lotions, home remedies and procedures that have an effect. And if you are not careful it can be a matter of trial and error process until you find a procedure that works. It takes some time and of course not all are guaranteed to work.

Further down we’ll overview some simple tips that you can integrate into your daily regime that’ll make a difference. But before that you might want to check out this Herbal Scar Removal Lotion from Skinception. It’s been getting rave reviews and works a treat.

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This lotion is proven to get rid of acne scars most effectively and it has no side effects. Now, back to those tips…

Start Off with a Good Cleansing Regimen

You want to avoid acne becoming a problem again. If you have oily skin, it is likely that acne will reappear and this can cause further scarring. Develop a good skin cleansing regimen by finding products that are perfect for your skin type. Again, this requires some trial and error.

You may be lucky that you’ve done this in the past and found the products that really work for you. Incorporate them in your day twice a day—you definitely want to remove that makeup, cream or daily dirt before you go to bed!

Don’t pick at the acne that appears. This is why you’re trying to find ways to remove acne scars now! Let the spots appear and then go naturally. They really will disappear after some time and you will have the beautiful skin afterwards to prove it.

Minimize Dark Spots with Vitamin C

Whether you have a drop of lemon in your water or enjoy eating oranges, vitamin C is needed by your body to reduce those dark spots and acne scars. Your body can’t make vitamin C and doesn’t store it either, so you need to ingest it some way to make the most benefit. You could even just to develop a cleansing routine that involves lemon, although this can cause damage to the skin on the face if you have fair or sensitive skin!

Use Tomatoes to Lighten Your Skin

One way to remove acne scars is to simply hide them. One way of doing that is to make your skin the same color of the scars and tomatoes are perfect for that. The natural chemicals and vitamins in the fruit (or vegetable, whichever side of the argument you’re on) work on lightening the skin and getting rid of age spots.

It’s also a friendly routine—environmentally and for your body—to get into. Tomatoes are completely natural and will really help to improve your skin quality. They are much milder than lemon and other citrus fruits with less acid, which is perfect for those with fairer and sensitive skin.

Remove Acne Scars with Tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants. You may have heard that green tea is beneficial for many things, including weight loss, and removing acne scars is just one of them. The antioxidants and other natural and helpful chemicals work on improving the body’s health. They help to clear the skin and leave it looking refreshed and new. You won’t just remove your acne scars! Green tea is great for reducing inflammation and fighting against the dark spots that appear under the eyes!

Use Scar Creams to Reduce Them

Now we’re looping back to the beginning. There are many creams on the market that help with reducing and removing all types of scars, including acne scars. Some are better than others and it will also depend on your skin type. There are some people who find that they dry out the skin while others find they make the skin too oily! It’s all about trial and error and listening to what your skin is telling you.

Don’t be afraid to try out these scar remedy creams. Buy the smaller options first or request a trial version. This will give you the time to determine whether it is working or if it’s causing adverse reactions to your skin. When you find something that works, stick to it! It may cost more than others but at least it works!

Try not to worry about the time taken getting rid of your acne scars. It does take time and you will find that some items work while others don’t. Give products a chance to work and make a note of how it goes in a journal.

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