Who am I

Hello and thanks for visiting AboutAcneScars.orgMy name is Jill and I am the owner of this website 

I write about topics that I am interested in and about subjects that can help people. Acne scars, often acquired when we are in adolescence, we keep for life. And they are ugly and I don’t know anyone who likes them.

But there is something that we can do about it and that is what this site is about. If you too suffer from acne scars (or any kind of scar for that matter) then there is something that you can do to hide, diminish or to get ride of those scars altogether.

And these acne scar treatments don’t have to be expensive! Sure laser scar removal and Micro-dermabrasion methods don’t come cheap, but did you know that there are other less expensive techniques… even some kitchen remedies which can help fade scars.

Then there is the revolutionary new home acne treatment cream called Dermefface FX7 which will get rid of acne scars permanently. And it is inexpensive – 3 months treatment (recommended 3 – 6 months depending upon severity of your scars) for just under $130 or 6 months supply at under $200. Awesome!

– And I just found out that Dermefface FX7 is endorsed by Top Model Lisa D’Amato.

So I hope that you enjoy this site, and find it helpful.